PV France, now located on Anglesey, first established its unique French bakery on Merseyside in 2005 to produce authentic French bread and pastries. We manufactures all our products fresh every day in our Llangefni bakery.


PV France very quickly established a strong reputation  as suppliers of part baked and fully baked products with that elusive and authentic French taste. Using only French master bakers, our products are supplied to discerning users at very attractive prices in a wide range of food outlets, airlines, breweries, wholesalers and corporations.

We are commited to supplying products in volume but which retain a hight traditional quality.

If you choose PV France you will be in good company and our products, like your reputation, will be enhanced when you supply your customers and travellers with authentic French bread and pastries.


We are often asked if our bakery uses secret ingredients or compatible English or other equivalent ingredients. The uneqquivocal answer is 'non'.